You are not your shame.

Recovery and healing are possible.

Sex & Love Addiction Recovery Online, in Barrie and Toronto

“I feel like such a fool, how could I have been so wrong?”

Your partner has banished you to live in the basement.

Every time you look at your family you feel like dirt.

And still your mind tries to justify all the harm you’ve done to yourself, your partner, and your family.

Its like being in a tight labyrinth and you can’t get out!

You’ve never felt so alone in your life – or so scared and ashamed.

In your gut you knew things were out of control. You knew the lying and hiding was killing you. But It was your little secret and you figured you’d just stop one day.

It wasn’t and you didn’t. Now your future is crumbling around you and you don’t know where to turn…

I can help you.

Through trauma informed counselling and coaching I’ve helped countless sex/love addicts to recover their lives and build a new future grown from the understanding and healing of the past.

I’m here to help and I can show you the path through the labrynth of lies, betrayal, and shame.

Together, we’ll address the core issues that keep you from forming secure, intimate relationships – with no secrets and no shame.

Enough! You are not your sexual behaviours.

Trauma informed sex addiction therapy understands that this is not who you are. It is how you have learned to survive what has been intolerable pain, and on some level, it worked… until now.

The cost is too great and there is a better way for you.

You are ready to face this, and you are not alone.

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