Online Therapy

I started doing online therapy three years ago…

… before it was as popular as it is today. It has made the transition for my clients much easier, as I am already comfortable and confident in the effectiveness of online therapy.

Now, my practice is fully virtual. My comfort with online therapy and confidence in its effectiveness has made that transition easier for my clients.

I used to be very “old school” about therapy…

… believing that in-person therapy was the most effective medium.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to establish an effective rapport with clients in a virtual environment… and that clients would feel hesitant about opening up to me because of this – that it would be a barrier to trust.

I was wrong!

So… what took me down the road of doing online therapy?

About three years ago, I received a call from a woman seeking help from a remote area of Canada. She could not access the expertise that she needed so badly to restore her mental health and lessen her and her family’s suffering. This client was reeling from the shock and pain of her partner’s infidelity, and it was compounded because it evoked unresolved betrayal trauma from her early years.

Her call for help changed my belief about “remote” or “online” counseling. I never met her in person, yet we forged a strong therapeutic bond and were able to work through significant emotional turmoil and trauma to recover her sense of self and agency! She had seen a therapist in her area, driving a significant distance only to get disappointing results.

Online therapy works and is as effective as the practitioner facilitating it!

Take, for example, the client I just mentioned. Here is why online therapy worked for her…

First, she felt comfortable in her home, and this added to her experience of safety.

Second, I was able to establish rapport with her as easily and as effectively as through in-person sessions. This is because the virtual experience in no way limited my ability to listen deeply and understand not just the details of her story, but also the emotional flow and blockages she was experiencing.

Third, it was just as easy in the online environment to teach her intervention strategies (like mindful attention and somatic grounding) and anchor them to the experience of her home environment.

Some other things you need to know about online therapy…

First and foremost, it’s secure. I have invested in a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal called (that means your information stays safe in an online world). Through this platform, I provide psychotherapy and coaching to clients anywhere in the world. Today my practice extends from remote areas of Canada to a client in Africa!

When we meet online, it will be important for you to have a reliable Internet connection and a space that is private and free from interruptions. Choose a comfortable, quiet space and have water or a calming beverage at hand. Be sure to let anyone in your environment know that you are unavailable from 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after our appointment so that you can transition to and from the therapy experience well.

There are so many reasons to do this. Don’t put it off!

Doing online therapy can save you valuable travel time, and it gives you the freedom to do therapy in a supportive space of your choosing with all your desired accessories within reach (e.g., your favorite couch pillow, calming photograph, or loving pet!).

You are ready!

We can meet in my virtual office so that you get a real-time experience of what working with me online will be like. During the call, you will get a sense of me – how I listen and ask questions – how I can be of service to your achieving your goals and growth. It’ll give you a chance to know that “this feels right” in your gut!

Right now… reach out and book your free 15-minute consultation:
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