Online Group Recovery Coaching

This group isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to know if it’s for you…

This group is designed for men who know that the stakes are high and that it’s time to create real change in their lives.

Perhaps you have experienced serial relapses in your efforts to remain sober and heal your relationships.

Perhaps you are at a crossroad where you face losing your family, partner, job, friends… and maybe even your life.

Maybe you’re in despair because you think you’ll never get to the roots of why you tend to either overreact or shut down emotionally.

Maybe you just feel frustrated with your lack of growth in life.

Wherever you are, if you want to be sober and you want to have a robust life that is filled with a deep sense of connection to yourself, others, and the world, then this group is for you!

Integration of NuCalm technology is what makes this program special.

I am so convinced of the power of deep meditative states to support and accelerate your recovery and healing that I require online group recovery coaching group members to use NuCalm, a revolutionary new app that uses your biofeedback signals to aid in your rest and recovery. I use the product in my own life and recommend it to clients because it works.

The NuCalm system supports the nervous system in sympathetic dominance (relaxation) and sustains the user in a deep meditative state without spending years practicing meditation. Providing your nervous system with daily deep relaxation significantly improves emotional regulation, mental focus, and helps to improve your capacity for processing unpleasant feelings and unresolved trauma.

NuCalm isn’t a “silver bullet” for addiction. Still, the combination of maintaining a daily deep meditative state through NuCalm with both weekly group and individual recovery sessions provides the support and deep healing you need to get to and heal the traumatic roots underlying addictions.

This coaching is trauma-informed. Let’s break that down…

At the heart of all addiction is the addiction to control. When we either don’t like or can’t tolerate our experience of self, others, or the world, we control it through substances or processes.

Beneath this “survivor control structure” lies unresolved trauma.

Trauma-informed coaching recognizes this reality and coaches you to resolve the underlying trauma by stopping your behaviours and recovering your true nature – that part of you that can thrive without needing to control unpleasant states – that part of you that doesn’t have to fear being overwhelmed (which is like DEATH to the unconscious mind!).

You’ll be a part of a new and integrated process for healing the roots of addiction and retraining your system to tolerate organic states of relaxation and tolerable states of arousal.

We will use the wisdom of the ages to amplify the power of surrender, support, and the challenge of others, all the while using the best of modern technology for destressing the nervous system so that you can experience true relaxation and capacity to feel and face everything!

And you’ll get to do this with a group of like-hearted men in a shame-free zone!

“But what if I really hate this group stuff?”

Yeah, I get that. Addiction thrives on isolation.

It’s ok. You don’t have to like it… you just have to be willing to SHOW UP not liking it!

But here’s the truth: We heal more deeply, quickly, and sustainably in a supportive, healing community.

Here’s what it all looks like in practice…

Residential treatment is cost-prohibitive for so many people. That’s why I offer this online trauma-informed recovery group for men.

This is a 10-week program. Each week includes a group coaching session (2 hours) and an individual coaching session (50 minutes) online.

The group will teach you, and you will teach the group. When you work through a personal issue or trauma with my guidance and the witnessing and support of the men in the group, everyone receives “borrowed benefits.” As one man heals, each man heals.

For example, when a man is safe to speak about sexual shame from his family of origin and is guided to safely feel the shame and release the identification and form a new belief about himself, everyone in the group learns and vicariously experiences the impact. This sets the stage for their own release from shame.

Ready to apply? Here are some final details…

Application (next group begins October 2020)

You need to apply and be accepted to be a part of the group. To do so, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and I will contact you within one business day to set up a 30-minute exploratory session to see if this is the right fit and time for you. There is no cost to you for this application process. I limit the number of men to eight (8) and strive to achieve the optimal blend of men.


Ten (10) GROUP sessions (we’ll meet once per week) normally cost $1500, but, as part of the group package, you only pay $1200 ($300 savings).

Ten (10) INDIVIDUAL sessions (we’ll meet once per week) normally cost $3000, but, as part of the group package, you only pay $2500 ($500 savings).

The NuCalm system normally costs $4895, but, as part of the group package and by participating in the NuCalm MasterMind project, you only pay $1995 ($2995 savings). Your license to the NuCalm system is permanent and will support your self-regulation after the group process is complete.

Let’s get started… you can do this!

Are you a man who knows that the stakes are high and that it’s time to create real and lasting change in his life?

Are you willing to put in the effort and step into a supportive, challenging, unique group experience with other men who want the same things?

I am here to bring you together with other like-hearted men to accomplish this vision.

Call now to set up your free 30-minute consultation: (705) 795-0240.