My life is like a black and white class photo.

Only I’m the boy in the pink tie!

Affirmative Psychotherapy and/or Affirmative Trauma Informed Coaching for GBQQ Men Online, in Barrie and Toronto

Despite everything you know, you still feel burdened by a sense of a shame.

It’s sad that in the 21st Century GBQQ men have to wonder if they will find a therapist who gets the issues that they face.

The roots of sexual shame for men who identify as GBQQ run deep in our personal and collective history.

And the damage is staggering.

We’ve come a long way but there is a long way to go.

GBQQ men suffer from mental health issues at an alarmingly higher rate than their straight counterparts.

It’s not because you are GBQQ.

It’s because many have grown up in a world of invisibility, subtle rejection and outright demonization.

That you made it here is a testament to you.

It feels like you’re always on the outside.

You walk down the street with your date and wonder, “Is it safe to take his hand?”

This is a small example of the self-policing and hypervigilance for danger that can constrict life, creativity and a core sense of belonging.

The resulting anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, under achievement or desperate perfectionism, may be what brought you here.

You are welcome with all that you are and all that you have yet to discover.

Together, we will recover the blessing that is your birthright and deconstruct the emotional anchors that mire you in shame

You move beyond the limiting beliefs that you unconsciously took on and that fuel the self-sabotaging behaviours that keep you from your best life.

You don’t have to wonder if you’ve come to the right place. Because you have.

I will help you rediscover the love that you owe yourself, others, and the world.

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