About Therapy

I still remember my first (ARRRGGGHHH!) therapy appointment…

I was terrified and couldn’t stop my mind from racing and my heart from pounding!

I didn’t know what was wrong. I had some ideas, but, really, I just knew the gap between my inside experience and outside life was crazy huge.

I also remember a beautiful dream I had the night before that appointment. It was kind of weird (you know how dreams can be). I was alone in a dark space, and I was very wary and afraid. But then I felt a presence and heard the comforting voice of a woman who said to me, “There will be good things, too, Frank.”

And there were good things. There ARE good things.

I didn’t realize it that day, but what I was doing was brave…

It took courage. I know that now, and I know that YOU ARE BRAVE because you are here seeking help for what is no longer working…

Whether you are coming for individual counseling, couples work, or a combination of the two, there will be good things.

Everything that brings you here is welcome – all that you know now and all that we will discover.

You will be met with acceptance.

I will be nonjudgmental in the face of what shames you: the lies; the betrayals; the anxiety and depression; the addiction(s) to sex, porn, affairs, substances, or anything else.

I will be grounded and strong in the face of what terrifies you.

I will be fearless in defense of your true self!

We will not use a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach.

Rather, we will work with your current areas of dissatisfaction and begin to peel away the false structures that are no longer working for you.

We will work together on your goals for healing, health, and your best life!

You will begin to experience an increased capacity for genuine relaxation and ease, and that ease will bring clarity to your heart and mind, which will lead you to the decisions that are right for you.

What seems impossible now will become difficult… then what seems difficult will become habit… then the habit(s) will become easy… and the easy will be BEAUTIFUL.

Now that we know where we are going, you are ready!

From wherever you are right now:

Notice 5 different colours…

Listen for 5 sounds…

Notice your breath…

Feel this presence that is you and call me now for your free 15-minute consultation: (705) 795-0240.

I promise: “There will be good things, too!”

About Me

I am so many things… all of them curious!

I’m a being, a seeker, a him, a friend, a father, a partner in waiting, and a lover of people…

I love helping people discover the self that’s been “buried alive”… and creating an amazing space for that self to grow and flourish.

It’s just the coolest thing in the world to me!

Oh, and I should mention that I am a licensed psychotherapist in the Province of Ontario, and I provide Trauma-Informed Coaching anywhere on the planet!

I have a few degrees, the “highest” of which is a Master of Divinity. I am an ordained non-denominational minister, and I am trained to work in addictions, trauma healing, and couples therapy.

I have had so many teachers, mentors, guides, and therapists…

… who have shaped my soul. Each of them, along with my formal training, forms the current flow of my work as a therapist.

They inspired me to give to others what they gave to me.

Whether it was the 10th-grade teacher who kept me after class one day (I thought I was in trouble) to tell me all the qualities she saw in me and the future she envisioned for me that I could not see…

… to the spiritual guide that taught me that many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness…

… or the first therapist who guided me where I did not know I could go on my own…

For them, I am forever grateful.

When I’m not doing therapy…

You’ll probably find me hanging out with my daughters.

I also love to walk, swim, ride my bike, tell stories, and perform in community theatre.