Partner Counselling

Getting to We

“Send me your partner, I’ll fix them and you’ll get better”………..Is this true?

The only person we can change is ourselves. Our own work will influence in a variety of ways the partner that we live with; these two things can be true.  Our focus must be on our own work if we are to influence our relationship.

As an addictions therapist I recognize that for partners of people actively in addiction, in recovery from addiction or experiencing mental health challenges there are often experiences of hurt and/or trauma to be healed. These experiences may be repetitions of similar experiences in our past relationships with family and others.

Partners often ask these (and many similar) questions

Why is this happening to me?
Where did I go wrong?
How can I change my partner’s behavior?
Why am I not enough?
Why can’t they see what this is doing to me?
I wonder if I were more ______________________, would my partner be happier with me?

Together we will build a path for you to improve your own experience of self so that decisions in relation to your partner are made from a position of secure confidence and freedom. How will you feel when your focus is on your commitment to growth and happiness?

Ready to begin your journey?