Group Counselling

Be Connected: serving your needs for Group Counselling

in Barrie and Simcoe County

We are connected. For many of us when we seek help to improve our lives we carry with us feelings of being ‘alone’. Group counseling provides us with a safe environment to practice new skills of self observation and relating that build capacity for embedding changes throughout our everyday lives. Couselling when in a group setting combined with individual work, significantly improves our rate of progress toward our goals and success in achieving them. How will you feel when you experience being yourself with others, and being safe to learn, explore new ways of relating and know acceptance; given and received?

What does Group Counselling include?

  • Safety with peers
  • Growth through engagement and learning
  • Development of new skills of relating
  • Enhancement of current strengths
  • Prevention of repeat patterns of self destructive behavior
  • Self-awareness and Self-appreciation
  • The undoing of fear
  • Undoing the past in the present to release the future

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