Couples Therapy

Marriage Counselling in Barrie serving Simcoe County

North Toronto and Surrounding Areas.

Building a loving, healthy coupleship requires skill, knowledge, practice, reflection, work and renewal. When anyone one of these elements are missing, under utilized or based in error, coupleship is at risk. Repair is possible. Renewal is possible. Union is achievable. Assessing your coupleship’s strengths and shadows and building precise knowledge, skills and practice will result in positive improvements to your relationship and clarity about your commitment and common vision.  Effective couple’s counselling assesses relationship strengths and areas for growth and teaches skills for achieving intimacy and joy together!

Taking the Couples Counselling Journey.

In the midst of conflict it is common to spend a tremendous amount of energy on the problems and very little on the solutions. Together we will face the problems no matter how harmful they are and have been and we will promptly begin the work of repair and solutions.

As a provider of marriage counselling services in Barrie I recognize that, it is always in our own best interests to have a harm free relationship with our partner, whether together or apart.

Who will be the first to notice when as a couple you are rigourously honest about where you are and moving confidently toward where you want to be?

Ready to begin your journey together?