Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

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Assessment Tools aid the accuracy of identifying what issues are most problematic in your life and they are helpful in planning effective treatment. Good Assessment Tools provide the client with effective, objective feedback and save you the client, time and money by reducing the number of appointments required to gather information on your important areas of growth. Below you will find links to online assessments that will help you to identify where you are on the continuum of behavior in relation to a variety of substances/processes.

The link to Recovery Zone provides very advanced assessment tools (SDI-­‐R*, PTSI-­‐R* and MAWASI*). These assessments can be accessed through a unique, confidential identifier provided by our office. These assessments are only available to professionals trained in the interpretation and treatment planning that is essential to providing effective interventions to clients in these areas. If you wish to take one of these assessments please contact my office directly.

Sex Addiction Screening Test (SAST-­‐R)

Alcohol Use Questionnaire (ADS)

Drug Use Questionnaire (DAST-­‐20)

Recovery Zone

SDI-­‐R; Sexual Dependancy Inventory – Revised: Is a tool that helps to identify and assess areas of problematic sexual and relationship behaviour and is a valuable aid in treatment planning.

PTSI-­‐R – Post Traumatic Stress Injury – Revised: Identifies the impact of previous trauma on your current behaviours and relationships. It is valuable in helping you understand the origins of your current disatisfactions and more importantly planning, with your therapist, your path to recovering your life.

MAWASI – Money and Work Adaptive Styles Index  describes and illumines your relationship to Money and Work within 16 sub categories. Knowing where you are and the underlying issues that drive your behaviour will help you to achieve freedom so that your goals in relation to money and work are supportive of your goals in other important areas of your life like, family, friends, partner and spirituality.

***Frank Kewin is currently the only CSAT -3 trained Counsellor in Simcoe County who has access to and is trained in interpretation of and treatment planning based on these three assessments.


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