Frequently Asked Questions about Addiction

Am I addicted?

When we think of behaviour on a continuum of use, misuse, abuse, compulsion and addiction we can see that any substance (cocaine) or process (sex) is potentially addictive. Knowing how a substance or process functions in our lives is the best way to determine where it fits on the continuum of use. Check our assessments tab for valuable links to help with this question and call our office a free phone consultation.

Is counselling effective?

Living a consulted life is always effective! Counselling is a relationship and I will do my part to commit to our relationship; meet me with that same commitment and yes, counseling will be effective.

Can processes like gambling, work or sex really be addictions?

This is a timely and hotly debated question in the mental health field. Whether we classify these and other processes as ‘addictions’ or not the detrimental effects of their use in our lives are what must be addressed in order to live freely and with joyful connection to others.

Are your services covered by Insurance?

Employer insurance benefits vary greatly from one Employer to another so there is no ‘one size fits everyone’ answer to this question. Be sure to obtain a copy of your employer benefits criteria for coverage in this area.

Do you provide Sliding Scale Fee based on Income?

Yes, Please contact our office at 705 795 0240 for details. While Counselling is an expense that reaps great benefit the cost of unhappiness and chaos are considerably greater!